Our Programs

Our Career Symposium is an exclusive event where attendees will hear from talent acquisition professionals from Fortune 500 companies through an in-depth panel discussion about what recruiters are REALLY looking for in candidates for their jobs.

The program will also feature a cocktail reception as well as give attendees an opportunity to visit career development themed booths to learn all the tricks of the trade!

Operation PIVOT Bootcamp For Female Veterans

Operation PIVOT is a 4 week curriculum driven “boot camp” where female veterans can get invaluable information and development on how to transition their military skills into the civilian workforce.

The program is both informative, educational, and motivational in that it encourages women in uniform to look beyond their military career to one that can catapult them into the next phase of their lives.

Sister Speak!  A Dialogue Series for Women In Leadership

Sister Speak! is a program that brings together women from corporate America who serve as panelists to talk about the issues surrounding the development of women in the workplace.

This is an invaluable opportunity for our women to hear from those who are where they want to be.  This program provides candid dialogue as well as helpful insight into the challenges faced by women in corporate America.