Board of Directors

Glenda Swain
President and Chief Executive Officer
Glenda Swain is the President and Chief Executive Officer of The PIVOT Foundation.
Stella J Ringer
Senior Manager, Entertainment Marketing
Stella J. Ringer is a seasoned business professional who started her career with The Coca-Cola Company 20 years ago. She currently serves in a senior role with the North America Content, Entertainment and Ventures Team. In her role as Senior Manager, Entertainment Marketing, Stella provides thought leadership and strategic direction to brand and customer teams regarding the integration of passion marketing to amplify and scale brand and customer programs.
Bernadette Birch
Bernadette Birch continues to excel not only as a corporate business professional but also as an active philanthropist in the Atlanta Community. She has been a native in Metro Atlanta for over 30 years.
Keysha Lee
Keysha Lee is an award-winning TV show host and broadcasting instructor. Her show Lessons with Mrs. Lee was born out of two desires: one desire was to give students more exposure and hands-on experience in the broadcast field. The second was to feed her own passion for storytelling.
Yolanda Rodgers Howsie
She is on track to be one of tinsel town’s emerging young producers. With her natural, ever-ready style and statuesque five-foot-eleven frame, Yolanda Rodgers-Howsie is singlehandedly changing the perception of a Hollywood mover-and-shaker—though you would never know it from her unassuming life as a low-key, working mother of two.
Letty Ashworth
former Director, Community Engagement for Delta Air Lines
In this role, she was a key leader in Delta’s global strategy to develop an efficient, effective, and diverse workforce that reflects the rapidly changing demographics of an increasingly interconnected world.
Guyla Wrens-Armstead
Guyla Wrens-Armstead is an extraordinary who has 29 years of successful sales and business experience with Xerox and IBM.