• Women in Business
  • Centric Announces “Queen Boss” the First Business Competition Reality Series for African-American Female Entrepreneurs

    Over 500,000 new businesses start up each month in the United States, and African-American women represent the fasting-growing group of entrepreneurs. But how do these women know if they have a great concept for a business, and if they have the skills to be a C.E.O.? CENTRIC answers this question on Saturday, January 14 at […]

  • Networking
  • Do Less, Network More!

    Women are working harder than ever. A 2011 Pew Survey found that women are working nearly 60 hours a week when you combine paid employment, household chores and childcare. Female executives often have to put that much into their job every week. In extremely competitive industries, the 60 to 70-hour work week is increasingly the […]

  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Interview Mistakes Women Tend To Make

    The current economic climate, with fewer jobs and more applicants for each position, requires job seekers to have impeccable interviewing skills. Men and women make many of the same mistakes–arriving late or unprepared, refusing to answer a question, or lying about previous experience. Women, however, can make particular missteps–from talking too much to dressing inappropriately–that […]

  • Mentoring
  • Why Women Are More Likely To Be Mentors

    Mentors aren’t always cheerleaders–but they’re always in your corner. The best mentors will tell you things that you don’t want to hear, but you will be a better leader as a result. The right mentor can redefine the way you view yourself; they can provoke meaningful self-reflection and stir up new ideas. Mentoring has been […]