Our Services

Career Development Workshops and Seminars

We partner with reputable and experienced consultants to provide career development workshops and seminars to our women in an effort to equip them with the skills they need to jump start their careers

Resume Optimization and Interviewing Skills

When searching for a job, your resume is your “calling card”.  The PIVOT Foundation assists women in crafting  a resume that helps them put their best foot forward when searching for a job.

Professional Development Workshops

Our professional development workshops are designed to help women create a holistic image of themselves as part of their career development transformation.  From business etiquette to appropriate networking, these workshops help them pull it all together!

Image Consulting

Do you know how you are perceived to potential employers?  This is a question we will explore with women as we help them hone their image which includes helping them understand how to dress appropriately for the role they want.

Job Training, Search and Placement

One of the biggest components of our programming is our job training, search and placement services.

The PIVOT Foundation helps train and development women to help them return to the workforce or pivot into new careers.

We also actively assist in helping them search for opportunities that lend themselves to their skills and capabilities.  We  work with corporate partners to identify jobs that they can apply to through our placement services.

Social Media Management

A large part of the job search process happens online, so we assist women with learning how to navigate the social media landscape so they know where to look and how to engage recruiters virtually.