Organizational Needs Assessment

An organizational needs assessment is typically the first step in trying to help our partners understand where they are on their diversity journey.

Many organizations make the mistake of skipping this step and start implementing things that do not lend itself well to a sustainable, scalable diversity strategy and wind up abandoning the initiatives all together.

This is a critical mistake!

A full organizational assessment determines the extent that the organizational culture is inclusive and existing cultural competency gaps.

Most professionals conduct a few focus groups or key informant interviews to assess an organization’s climate of inclusion. One reason for this limited approach is the relatively recent availability of tools that can precisely measure an organization’s intercultural competency development needs. In addition, it is relatively recent that knowledge about how to adequately measure inclusion has been available.

The result is that many professionals either do not measure inclusion at all before developing an invention, such as training, or they rely on poor measures.

It is no wonder that many training and workshop participants complain that the training they receive is not useful in their everyday work lives.

Understanding an organization’s culture with respect to diversity and inclusion is essential to promoting change.

The PIVOT Foundation uses an approach to organizational culture assessment that focuses on determining the developmental stage of organizational inclusion and cultural competence gap analysis.

This information offers a mirror into the organization’s specific needs related to promoting desired change.