Ella Jones Elected As First Black, First Woman Mayor Of Ferguson, Missouri

History has been made in Ferguson, Missouri. Six years after the death of Mike Brown put a national spotlight on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, a black woman has been elected mayor. Ella Jones has become not only the first BLACK Mayor of Ferguson, but she’s also the first FEMALE Mayor in the city’s history.

Mayor Jones secured her historic victory with 54% of the vote over Councilwoman Heather Robinett, who had 46%. She previously made history after became the first black woman elected to Ferguson’s City Council in 2015.

This was the second time she ran for mayor in Ferguson, in 2017, she lost to incumbent James Knowles III.

The Dispatch reports that Ferguson’s black representation is growing. In 2014, there was just one black council member and now there are four out of six.

Jones is pledging to put the people first with her position.

Prior to her political career, Mayor Jones graduated from the University of Missouri at St. Louis with a B.A. Degree in Chemistry. She was certified by the American Chemical Society as a high-pressure liquid chromatographer and completed training as a pharmacy technician.

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